Dancing Stones


Wear the Diamond Look

Unrivalled quality, stunning designs
at remarkable value


The C logo symbolizes a diamond squeezed in a pair of tweezers. It was inspired by a professional jeweler, holding a pair of tweezers and examining the facets of a pricey diamond. Inspection, quality control and attention to details are just a few characteristics of LMDC.


La Maison du Carat was created by the Swiss entrepreneur Jean-Michel Roux and has swiftly built a reputation for classic and modern pieces that strike a balance between high-end glamour and sophistication. The brand is known for its attention to detail, wearability, high quality and its affordability.


Stunning contemporary and classic designs that will capture the heart and catch the eye. With a large collection of beautiful and wearable pieces, La Maison du Carat is able to offer the full range of emotions to every woman: fun, exciting, glamorous, beautiful and above all, special.

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